Is Social Justice becoming unfashionable?  Some commentators may think so, some even may hope so.   A change in the world’s economy means the middle class is on the retreat.  The motives of a new age is ‘what is in it for me?’ and ‘can I get ahead’.  So can Presbyterians still have a radical vision for the vulnerable in our societies?  The obvious answer to that rhetorical question is we would hope so.  Gillian Bremner bases her talk on the work of Presbyterian Support Otago in the famous statement of the prophet Micah and reads it as social justice for our day, for the vulnerable: families, children and young people, and the elderly.  Maybe we still do have something to say on social justice, and maybe it should be heard more widely.

By Andrew

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  1. Thanks for posting Gillian’s lecture, Andrew. I missed hearing it live, and wanted to be able to read it. Very challenging!


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