“A Tourist’s View of Victorian London”

View our Summer Photo Gallery which features a selection of late Victorian era Lantern Slide images of London which form part of a larger set of 35 images. We believe these slides, which all appear to have been privately taken, are almost certainly unique.

Horse drawn taxi cab, London 1892

On most slides the photographer’s handwritten initials “WTF” appear along the top of the slide, with the description. Unfortunately nothing is known of “WTF”, however the photographer appears to have had more than a passing interest in historic buildings, monuments and statues around London. These slides in fact form part of a much larger collection of lantern slides of other [mostly commercially produced] English, Scottish and European views, New Zealand scenes, as well as Religious based lantern slide sets. Unfortunately the original provenance of the collection has been lost but the fact remains that this is a significant and valuable collection.

Accurately dating these slides proved to be a challenge. While they are obviously indicative of the early to mid 1890’s, the key proved to be the slide of a busy Fleet Street. Posters on a building state that the long established Men’s Outfitters “Chas Baker & Co.” moved to Ludgate Hill on the 1st June”. We now know that this move took place in 1892.

So, sit back and enter a busy world of horse drawn hansom cabs, hackney carriages and omnibusses but without a motor car in sight; the world that was Victorian London.

We would love to hear your comments and feedback.  

 While the copies shown here are strictly copyright, high resolution copies are available, please enquire for rates.

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