Well,  we have been remise in updating our blog our humble apologies to all our readers.  But because one staff has being off due a serious ill ness and my carelessness in falling off a ladder and badly damaging my leg has meant we have been on sick leave and therefore off line!    We are now back and rearing to go.

Some catch-up interests.

Sadly, Donald Cochrane our Curator of Photographs, has resigned as at 18 August.  We miss him very much; he has been part of our operation for 16 years.  We do wish him the very ,very best as he recovers from his illness.  A post will be up soon.

Myke Tymons is back working in the team for a while, he is processing the large collection of Presbytery records that descended on us because of the restructuring of regional Presbyteries into mega Presbyteries!  Myke has stepped  into carrying out some aspects of Donald’s work temporarily which is a relief to those of us who have trouble with the technical side of scanning etc.

The Archives Research Centre is undergoing a Review along with the Hewitson Library we will keep you informed as to the progress and outcomes.

We hit a record in 2010 with 1098 research enquiries and visitors to the Archives Research Centre. 

The Christchurch Parish records are still held up in Christchurch because the Public Library is in the Red Zone of the CBD and inaccessible.  Hopefully that will soon be rectified and the records down in Dunedin.

 For those wanting to see what has happened in Christchurch Rev Martin Stewart has some information on his blog

The Research Network Meeting is on 8 September watch this space

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