LECTURE- Autumn Series

Christian Missions and Modern Western Science

This talk explores the historical connections between the modern missionary movement and Western science. I argue that missionaries contributed significantly to the making of a range of modern scientific disciplines, notably linguistics, anthropology, geography, natural history and the biomedical sciences. Many also helped to spread Western scientific knowledge and practices around the world. Yet missionary science cannot adequately be understood by focusing exclusively on white missionaries. Host cultures played vital roles, ‘converting’ the missionary movement in important ways.

By Dr. John Stenhouse, Associate Professor

In Intellectual history, Religious history, andNew Zealand  history

Join us:

Thursday 8 March 2012

5.30pm -7.00pm

                                            Knox Centre for Ministry & Leadership

                                                    Hewitson Wing,  Knox College

                                                    Arden Street, off Opoho Road.

                                     Refreshments at 5pm – Gold Coin Donation                                                      

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