“In Memory of our Fallen Comrades”


Our Photo of the Month features an ANZAC Day floral tribute with the words “In Memory of Fallen Comrades” on the Cross with a laurel wreathed tribute and a multitude of flowers laid in front.

Unfortunately the exact provenance of our photo has been lost. While it appears in a photo album all we know is that is was among unclaimed items from a past resident of a Presbyterian Support Otago Home for the Aged. Other images in the album do appear to show scenes taken inChristchurchand possibly in Timaru, including a Salvation Army children’s gathering at a beach.

ANZAC Day of course commemorates the ill-fated landings of allied troops on the GallipoliPeninsulaon the 25th April 1915. Heavy allied losses and a virtual stalemate in the face of a spirited Turkish defence led to a tactical withdrawal later the same year.  

 The Gallipoli campaign claimed 44,000 allied troops of whom 2,721 were New Zealanders and 8,500 Australian. The Turkish death toll stood at an astounding 87,000

 In April 1916 the Presbyterian Journal “The Outlook” advised its readers :

 It has now been definitely announced that Tuesday, April 25 is to be observed as a commemoration day throughout the Dominion, to mark the historic landing of the New Zealand and Australian troops at Gallipoli; under designation Anzac Day.

 Some of the images in our album pre-date 1914 so there is a good chance that the floral tribute could be from 1916, being the first designated New Zealand ANZAC Day. It is just unfortunate that the exact location is unknown.

 We welcome any information that may help us locate this photograph.

by Donald Cochrane

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