America’s Pastor and the Satin Satan

The NZ Presbyterian Research Network also held its Autumn lecture on 17th March.  Violeta Gilabert, a PhD student of history at the University of Otago, gave a talk about “America’s Pastor and the Satin Satan: Politics and Celebrity in the Billy Graham Crusade, 1959”.

“Under the looming threat of communism and nuclear fallout, the 1950s saw rebellious young worshippers of Hollywood and rock ‘n’ roll take over the popular imagination, while ‘the heavy hand of the state’ struggled to drag them back to the status quo by any means necessary.  Drawing from transnational histories of revivalism and popular culture, this lecture will suggest how a closer look at Billy Graham’s tour can shed new light on our understanding of the fifties.”

Listen to a podcast of Violeta’s talk, (her PowerPoint presentation also attached) and read her paper.


Violeta Gilabert – America’s Pastor and the ‘Satin Satan’

Violeta Gilabert paper

The Winter lecture will be held on 16th June, and will be featuring Rev Dr Steve Taylor, Principal, Knox Centre for Ministry and Leadership – “Why bother with historical research in practical theology?“.

By Jane Thomsen, 4 April 2016


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